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After Deep Thought while brushing my teeth this morning.....

I'll admit, this community got started without a huge amount of forethought or prior planning. After a little more time to think about it since then, I have a few questions for the rest of you out there….

As a community, tjhsst_alumni is fair-sized but certainly not huge. I think it's a pretty diverse group, with folks who are just starting college through those who graduated and have been working for mumble-mumble years by now. There isn't a huge amount of posting, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. At the risk of sounding too touchy-feely, though, I imagine that as a group we're probably a good source of information for each other - connections, suggestions, all that.

As far as I'm concerned, content here doesn't have to be narrowly TJ-specific; it can cover anything that TJ alums think would be interesting/useful to other TJ alums. I’m interested in what the rest of you want to see here. Do you have questions about college or grad-school choices or finding a program of studies? Do you want to compare notes about getting started on a career path that's related (or perhaps unrelated!) to what you studied? Just looking to find a connection and maybe job leads in a new city? Are you concerned or curious about issues surrounding TJ or Fairfax County schools today, or looking to keep in touch with extracurricular groups you participated in while at TJ? Or (also a valid possibility) are you more interested in the comm as a way to ask the occasional question about "Where is so-and-so?" or "Is there still visitor parking at TJ?"

Seriously, I want to know what you want to get out of the community. Reply, make your own post, send messages on carrier pigeons….

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I'm happy to see it become more of a general discussion for alumni.
I'm long gone from TJ, but I'm interested in just about everything.

For whatever record anyone is keeping, I was most interested in Spanish and creative writing, I majored in International Studies and Spanish, and now I'm a psudogeek contractor for the Army in personnel/database computer systems.
I think the community should be pretty open to anything/everything TJ and not-TJ related. I'm happy to hear about anything that might apply to the group of people that consist the alum group here. As for connections, I think that if everyone who's a part of the community thinks it's OK to blindly ask others about career/internship connections or other stuff, then it should be used so. But really, open to anything.
I'm open to a more open discussion.

::Wondering where to send the pigeons::