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A General Question (or several)

I could try to post this in poll form, but I'm personally more interested in anecdotal answers (yeah, I was a liberal arts student, why do you ask?).

In college, did you study/major in something that you consider a "science and technology" concentration? How did you decide what to major in - your strenghts, your interests, practical considerations, or what?

For those of you who did graduate or post-grad work, was that work in a field similar to your undergrad concentration? Also, was it in a "science & tech" field or not? Did you go directly into graduate work from undergrad, or did you have a break in between?

For those of you now in the working world, is your job in a "science & tech" field? Is it in a field that you studied (either in undergrad or in graduate school)?

Or, do you have aspirations to a job in another field, either a field that you studied or in a field that you didn't study?

When you were at TJ did you have a pretty firm idea of what you wanted to study in college and what kind of a career you wanted? Did you follow that plan in undergrad (why or why not)? If you're past the undergrad stage, did your plan still hold true for graduate studies or for your post-academic life?

… I suspect my anthropology major is showing just a tiny bit. I'm honestly curious, though: we come from a school known for talented, highly-driven students who are comfortable with technology and gifted in the sciences, as well as other academic areas. I remember being surrounded by TJ students who seemed to know what they wanted to do, although I know there were at least as many folks as clueless as I was - we were just quieter about it, I think. Some people seemed to have gone to TJ because they knew they wanted to be neurosurgeons, or robotics experts, or (whatever), and TJ would give them a good start in that direction - others seemed to have gone to TJ because they were great at science & tech and TJ seemed like the best place for that.

Why did you choose to go to TJ? Or do you feel it wasn't really your choice?

(My answers are in the first comment.)
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