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Calling '86 through '88 TJHSST Sr. Experience Alumni and friends

Of the complement of the '87-'88 Senior Experience program, we have found about thirty of the "88 of '88." We are trying to find the rest, as our 20th [gulp] reunion is fast-approaching.  To that end, we've started a Google Group.  The group is meant particularly for TJHSST '88 Senior Experience alumni, but we are including anyone who wants to participate in occasional get-togethers, and that graduated from TJ or TJHSST during the "transition years," starting with the class of '86, and ending with the class of '88.

If you are a classmate, please join us at the Google Group.  If you are not, but know someone that was, please pass this on.

Our first get-together is still firming up, but it will be on Dec 22nd or Dec 23rd, at a location to-be-determined.  We're picking a family-friendly location, as a substantial number of us have procreated in the past two decades.  Children and spouses are, of course, invited.

We would love to include the teachers or staff that helped create the "Senior Experience." Please join us--send me a note, and we'll invite you to the group, as well.


--Pete Thomas
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p.s. there's a Facebook group, too, for those that are into that whole Facebook thing!  Yes, I admit it--I'm in it; ping me for details.
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Hmm. My TJ history is perhaps a bit rusty. I have a friend who graduated class of '89. He told me that his freshman year, it was just his class and then an imported senior class in the school. And the next year it was sophomores and freshman, etc, backfilling the whole way until he graduated '89.

What is this Senior Experience thing? Was my friend lying to me horribly?
...and this was something new under the sun.

Your friend was right. His Freshman year, '85-86, it was his class and an imported set of Seniors brought in to "beta-test" the "Senior Experience," including the labs. This group, whose diplomas were from their "base schools," not TJHSST, was the Senior Experience class of '86.

Next year there were freshman and sophomores of TJHSST...and the Sr. Exp. class of '87.

The next year was my class...a Freshman through Junior class headed for their TJ "Governor's School" diplomas, and my class, the last Senior Experience class of '88. An interesting trivia point is that, though we graduated from our base schools, as a class we arranged special permission with the Park Service to hold our own "graduation" as a Sr. Experience group on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial. I will always think of that day as my true High School graduation.
or, in the vernacular: "Tech Labs."
Ahh. Now everything's falling into place.