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tjhsst_alumni's Journal

Alumni of TJHSST
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This is a community for alumni of TJHSST. If you're an alum, or if you're otherwise interseted in alumni activities, feel free to join.

The usual disclaimers apply: no trolling, no flaming, no flamebait, no personal attacks, please and thank you. Otherwise, if you're a TJ alum, this community is for you and your interactions with the rest of us. Questions about TJ, questions for the extended TJ alum community, or anything you think specifically would be intersting to TJ alums is great. Links to other related communities are just fine.

As a courtesy, I'd ask that once you make a post you don't remove it, particularly if it's already gotten comments.

As a rule, please do not delete comments that others make to your post.

If you delete others' comments, I'll warn you twice and remove you on the third offense. If you troll, you'll be banned. If you start a flame war, you get a warning and then you get banned. Note that I don't think any of this will come up; but if it does I want to be able to clearly say that the rules were in place from the start!

If you have input, suggestions, or disagreements, please feel free to contact me.